How to build an Automated LED Grow Box for 300$

Transform any furniture into a connected growbox:

How to guide on how to build a Cheap Automated Grow Box in an Ikea Under desk storage unit.

Or better: how to build smartphone controlled grow fridge (like a seedo grow box / grobo / leaf grow box) but for 300$ rather than 3000$.

This homemade stealth grow box with carbon filter is for people who don’t have much space or just need to be very discrete about growing and allows them to do the best part: grow your own.

This build is also a perfect match for people who want to grow in Canada under Canadian law.

This setup is smartphone controlled using the Super Green Grower kit.

Each SG-Board 64.561C is composed of a custom aluminium substrate panel (developed by Super Green Lab) and 64 Samsung 561C Leds (210 lm/W).

Super Green Driver is an open hardware led driving solution powered by an esp32 WROOM.
Allows to power and control up to 6 LEDs, 2 Fans and 1 Blower with a smartphone.

Receive live stats temperature and humidity and alerts in app.


Total cost: $300 and $350, depends if you buy locally or on amazon.
Energy Consumption: ∼70w totally (around $15 on your electricity bill from seed to harvest if you live in North America)

Strain: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies from Dynastic Genetics (
Light Schedule: 30 days in 18/6, 60 days in 12/12
Soil: Light mix
Nutrients: BioBizz (Root Juice, BioGrow, BioBloom, Topmax, Acti Vera, Bio Heaven)

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