Canna Cribs: E1 – Glass House Greenhouse – Commercial Cannabis Growing Operation in California

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🚀In this episode of Canna Cribs the team visits a 350,000 sq. ft. growing operation in California to unveil the products and growing methodologies that help Glass House grow successfully at scale.

Table of Contents:
02:13 Propagation
04:07 Vegetation
07:32 Environmental Controls
10:20 Flowering
11:45 Curing
13:29 Trimming
15:33 Packaging

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Director/Camera Operator: Jason Sikorsky/Camera Operator

Producer/DP: Mike Rodriguez

Editor: Bao Nguyen

Camera Operator: Robert Noriega

Still Photography: Josh Wallace

Sound: Michael Cottrell

Graphic Designer: Timothy Martin

Sound Editing: Chris Anderson & Kenny Siegel

Writer: Hunter Wilson

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Equipment shown in this episode:

Pots & Growing Platform:

Coco Media (soil replacement):

Propagation Media:

Rolling Greenhouse Benches:

Supplemental Lighting:

Double Ended Lighting Fixtures:


Pesticide (Regalia):

Fungicide (Actinovate):

Greenhouse Structure (Systems USA):

Greenhouse Blackout Curtains:

Greenhouse Environmental Controls (Agrowtek):

Greenhouse Environmental Controls (QComm):

Odor Control Greenhouse (Piian Systems):

Odor Control Drying Room (Can Filter):

Nutrient Doser (Senmatic):

Nutrient Line (Elite Nutrients):

Trimming Machines (Greenbroz):

Harvesting Black Nitriles Gloves:

Packaging Machines (Henkleman):

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