Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 9-22-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 9-22-19

Octane Grow Tent
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Whats Up Growers!

So we are crushing it in the 4×8 tent along with our fellow rockstar and mascot. The light pounding has worked with cooler temps. Kept the canopy nice and short as well have a shit ton of bud sites that have popped up. I am really liking what i am seeing in this grow room right now on the 4×8 Octane Grow Tent.

The 4×4 is a different story.
This junk ass grow i have no IDEA what has happened on this grow. I have checked everything and i dont see 1 issue. I will have to wait until i harvest and check my root zone and see what has happened. That is the 100% way to tell me what is going on. The roots never lie. I know e have a combo problem. Over VEG and what seems like heat stress but IDK. 84F is not a bad heat for these plants i run this all the time. I know they are super sensitive to light. Which is pissing me off. But hey like i said before we show it ALL on this channel we dont hide.

Last Weeks Update:

Octane Grow Tent
Official Website & Store:
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