Indoor vs Outdoor Cannabis Growing

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Differences Between Growing Marijuana Indoors vs. Outdoors

Controlled and Natural Climates

When cannabis was first cultivated thousands of years ago, it was grown outdoors in natural sunlight that allowed Mother Nature to do her thing. For centuries things stayed the same. Plant a seed and watch it grow. When cannabis was criminalized however, prohibition meant people had to take their pot growing indoors. Out of sight, out of mind became the motto for those who still wanted to grow weed.

Grow lights replaced natural sunlight, and basements, attics, spare bedrooms, and closets across the country became the land cannabis had grown freely on for years. Growing indoors allowed for cannabis farmers to manipulate their environment. They were able to give their plants the best possible environment, rather than rely on ever-changing outdoor conditions.

When you grow marijuana indoors you have complete control over the environment. An indoor garden allows for control over light, temperature, humidity, CO2 production, and protection from harsh elements. Growers that cultivate indoors will harvest pristinely perfected pot plants that are high in THC.

No matter how perfect plants turn out, there is a drawback to indoor cultivation. There isn’t anything as powerful as natural sunlight to make plants produce high yields. Indoor gardens are notorious for producing immaculate plants. Yields, however, are typically much lower than they are from outdoor grows.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Quality
There’s a long-held notion that indoor product is far more superior to anything grown outside. Remember, growing indoors allows for complete control of the environment and often results in immaculate marijuana plants. There’s no rain, hail, snow, or wind that can possibly do any damage to cannabis plants when they’re grown inside. This results in gorgeous ganja plants that are visually pleasing with strong flavor and aroma profiles.

Because of this, indoor cannabis is typically believed to be of higher quality than bud grown outside. Outdoor plants must contend with the natural environment, compensating for the elements that are uncontrollable. This can cause plants not to look as “pretty” as their indoor counterparts. The effects, however, should be very much the same if plants are given the nutrients and attention they need. Flavor and aroma should also remain similar to indoor plants, especially when growers take the time to properly cure their final product.

Something else to consider with indoor growing quality is the industrial pesticides and fertilizers that are required to keep pests at bay. While indoor growing does offer a pristine environment for plants to flourish, it also allows for unwanted pests to flourish. Without the natural predators of ants, ladybugs, and wasps you’d find in an outdoor environment that keep mites away, these pests can flourish in an indoor space. With many consumers looking for organic products cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides, several growers choose to grow outside and let nature do its thing.

The Cost of Growing Indoors vs. Outdoors

While growing indoors might seem like a viable option to many would-be cannabis farmers, the costs of growing indoors can be atrocious. Startup costs for both ventures can become expensive, but the costs of indoor growing far outweigh those associated with an outdoor grow.

For an indoor grow setup, the cost to set up a 6×6 foot space can run close to $2000 depending on the equipment you purchase. Then there is the cost of electricity to run your electricity. This can cost up to $1000 or more depending on utility costs in your area.

If you’re looking at a smaller space to set up, a grow tent kit can help get you on your way. A 2x2ft grow tent kit will allow you to have 2-4 plants grown in 1-3-gallon pots. Utilities would be less expensive than a larger indoor grow however you’ll end up harvesting less cannabis in the end. Grow tent kits cost less than $1000 and are an investment you can take with you wherever you go.

Outdoor grows also require a substantial start-up cost but won’t cost much to maintain. The natural sun replaces the electricity you pay for. Higher yields replace smaller indoor harvests.

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