Grow Sisters Media, Grow Your Own Cannabis & Hemp, Plant Gender ID Test by LeafWorks DNA

Grow Your Own Cannabis & Hemp, Plant Gender ID Test by LeafWorks DNA

Welcome back cultivators and the cultivation curious!
In this video, Video 2 for the Sister, Grow Your Own Summer Project we test our cannabis plants Gender with the LeafWorks Gender ID Test.

In the Sister, Grow your Own Series for 2020 Video 1 we germinated seeds from the Grow Sisters and The Humboldt Seed Company’s collaborative seed pack.
The Grow Your Own Trio Seed pack is certified Feminized by LeafWorks DNA. All the seeds in this pack will sprout females. Get your Grow Your Own Garden seed pack at

However, if you are spouting your seeds form ‘regular’ seeds this season you will want to look into the LeafWorks Gender ID Test kit to save yourself time and money.

LeafWorks is a plant genetics company specializing in botanical identification for cannabis and hemp. The LeafWorks, Gender ID Test was created to solve a pervasive problem among cannabis cultivators – male plants. Rapid and 99.9 percent accurate screening and removal of male plants is critical in the cannabis industry. The males lack the desirable flower/buds and can ruin harvests with accidental pollination of neighboring females, which turns flowers/buds into seeds.

LeafWorks’ DNA-based test for Gender ID turns five weeks into 14 days and eliminates the human-error factor prevalent in traditional plant “sexing.’

Comprised of a leadership team of specialized plant geneticists trained in next-generation genomic methods, chemistry, and bioinformatics, LeafWorks is the first herbal genetics company to offer a comprehensive DNA validation system in the cannabis market!

Get your Plant Gender ID Test at

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