Puff Puff Puff! Welcome and buy my stuff! LOL.. Just joking, not.. HA.. Kidding really.. but I just want to welcome you to one of 3 pure WEED sites running in my stable of sites! Why? Because 420 is huge, Huge, HUGE! Errr.. you get it! FINALLY after how many FREAKING decades have the thugs backed off and let WE the PEOPLE do what we need to do to take care of ourselves, our health and stick the screws to the BIG PHARMA pigs all at the same time! They know who they are. They know EXACTLY what they're doing to us as well. Ok, some medications work. IF YOU can AFFORD THEM! Then there's the doctor's office visit, follow up and on and on. Well, help is right here! This is what the big pharma goons are all about: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! And, of course, control. They get you hooked on shit that even their chemists don't know the efficacy of, nor half of the side effects. Oh,, do you have a side effect presenting itself due to your ingestion of the newest (______ ______)?? - fill in the blank. NO PROBLEM! Pop a few of these RED ones on top of the yellow ones and they'll SURELY do the trick. Bullshit. I mean, shit! Even the damn public water supplies in metro areas are full of Prozac, Zoloft, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone.. HELL, name it! Look it up yourself! Everybody's on somebody else's dope! It's in the tap water you drink, cook with and BATHE in! WTF is going on here? Duh.. EVERYBODY pretty much is on dope to one degree or another. Like to drink water? You're probably on DOPE! Get a good filter like a Big Berkey Gravity filter. I got 'em over at .. Why? Beacause they WORK and because I care and have used the same filtration systems myself. Enough with the ranting..! Marijuana is here to stay and always has had staying power. It's a WEED :) Now, the studies are flooding the medical journals, hospital labs and universities. The news is in! WEED is GOOD and can be good for you! Heh.. I almost said, "GREED IS GOOD!" .. from that damn movie. UGH! In any case.... Enjoy yourself here! You are always welcome at MoneyFrom and all of my sites! Check the "About Us" page for a BIG list of my sites! I've got a LOT of good stuff out there for you! Peace! Kevin a.k.a. mrwonderful
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